January 21, 2009

Waiting for the post-lipogrammic book discussion

Such a point in history for us now!  Our books push limits of vocabulary and method.

I was going to kick-off this blog with a discussion of Christian Bök’s brilliant post-lipogram work, but now I cannot (it would not do!), for I found an accompanying CD, and I want to first catch it prior to saying my opinions.  My compact disk copy is on its way from Amazon.ca

Thank God that this silly post is a lipogram

During your wait for my forthcoming post, you may fancy a look at La Disparation or its translation, A Void.  (It may gratify your fancy, but I still think you will not find lipogrammic Unhooking a DD-Cup Bra without Fumbling to fill your bill.)

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Bill said...

Hey, thanks for the link.

If you like lipograms, check out my Eunoia-inspired Shakespeare summaries. I summarize five Shakespeare plays, each using a different vowel.

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