January 20, 2009

A brief non-introduction to this blog

First things first: this is not a blog about Aristotle; rather it is a blog about the topics that interested Aristotle, including art, ethics, logic, philosophy, poetry, rhetoric, science, and truth.  We are all indebted to Aristotle for opening our eyes and interest in these areas, but we need not slavishly follow Aristotle in all matters – rather we can celebrate what we learned from Aristotle.

There are many excellent blogs out there that discuss blogging (including “memes”, contests, awards), the effect of the Internet on contemporary society, and current events, so fortunately, this blog will not need to spend time on those topics.


Justin (koavf) said...


Blogging is possibly the only topic that Aristotle didn't cover. I'm looking forward to your assessment of friendship, politics, zoology, poetry, ontology, symbolic logic, and everything else under the sun. Except blogging.


David Ker said...

A blawging free blog. How refreshing. (We'll see if you can resist). It's like in the old days when we all got cell phones and had to preface every call by saying, "Guess where I'm calling from."