March 23, 2010

Is blogging dead?

I don’t plan to stop blogging, but I can certainly sympathize with those who do.  Chaim Rubin writes:

I started blogging in 2003. Which, in online years might as well be 50 years ago. I’ve had a good run, and I loved posting my thoughts. Sadly, (or maybe not so sadly …) over the last couple of years Facebook and Twitter have really taken over the apple of the online world’s eye.

In my own personal and humble opinion I think blogging as we all once knew it, is dead.

It’s not as easy to write openly and honestly what you feel about things any more. Back in the glory days of blogging people were so excited to see fresh and honest opinions they flocked to blogs. But today there are consequences for every word written and people will hound you and take you to task for your opinions.

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Justin (koavf) said...


I sincerely hope it isn't if for no other reason than the fact that blogging will be replaced with even more vapid media in the form of Facebook statuses and Twitter. While most blogs are not good--just like books or movies--there are some that are (e.g. Bookforum's Omnivore or The New York Review of Books) and there is no prospect of anything that literate or edifying from a tweet.

Keep on fighting the good fight, however sporadically,