December 10, 2009

Meir Shalev on the love stories in Bereishis

I think that anyone interested in literature would enjoy novelist Meir Shalev’s discussion of the Genesis love stories – quite different than conventional Biblical analysis.

Other speakers in the SFJCC speaker series who may be of interest to those interested in religion include Rachel Elior and Moshe Idel.  You can find the complete list here.



goulablogger said...

Thanks for the heads up. Someone of interest to everyone in the complete list, as well.

Chuck Grantham

at the edge said...

It behooves you to read what Aristotle wrote to King Alexander near the end of his life. You would think thrice before you give your next blog a name.

Theophrastus said...

Well, Aristotle, of course, was Alexander's teacher, and the letter to which you refer was written by Alexander to Aristotle, not the other way around. See Plutarch.