October 17, 2009

Strange allies

I like the KJV too (although I like Tyndale more). 

But I just don’t feel tempted to attend this pastor’s (and what a nice touch to be interviewed in his overalls) barbeque – even with the promise of meeting most of his 14 church members. 

You see, I’ve never done [and never plan to do] the Fahrenheit 451 thing – too many bad memories.

(HT: Craig Smith)

PS:  This is the first time I’ve broken my design rule and posted in color.  So you know the clip must be worth watching.


Sewa Yoleme said...

I've never quite understood why some Fundamentalist sects believe that the KJV is more God's word than any other translation. I know they understand that it's a translation from Hebrew and Greek. Most can't appreciate the poetic beauty of a seventeenth-century text, and surely they wouldn't approve of something translated by committee, created for the Church of England, and authorized by a bisexual king and adulterer. So why is it so near and dear to their hearts?

Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

Oh my.

Well I hope they're using the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible rather than some Satan-spawned pseudo-authentic burnin'-worthy post-1611 edition of the King James!

I myself am almost convinced, however, that fried chicken with all the fixin's covereth a multitude of sins.