June 23, 2009

I am going to have my genomes sequenced

The price has been plunging for genome sequencing; Knome offers genome sequencing (at various levels of completeness) at prices starting at $25,000; 23andMe offers it for a mere $400. 

I’ve decided to have my genomes sequenced by 23andMe.  There are quite a few genetic personal mysteries I hope to resolve in the process.  Merely comparing my ancestry with different regions alone will be worth it to me; the genetic screening for over a hundred different traits will be bonus.

Steven Pinker discusses his experience here.


Suzanne McCarthy said...

So, now I am wondering if you are going to show a little calf as Steven Pinker did!

Theophrastus said...

Sadly, it is almost impossible to photograph one's own calf.

goulablogger said...

Since no one else has said it, I will:

Four hundred dollars on genes? There are books that can be bought with that money!

Chuck Grantham

Theophrastus said...

Call me Narcissus.

Ken Brown said...

My dad had this done a couple years back and we finally learned his mother's origin (she was adopted--closed). Turns out she's full-blood Romanian, something we never would have guessed. Odd how learning a fact like that suddenly makes you feel so much closer to a place you've never been and would otherwise rarely think about.

I hope yours proves equally fascinating!