June 11, 2009

Esteban’s new home

You certainly should not miss Esteban’s new home.  Esteban has a keyboard now, and has promised to post from to time.

Esteban is running a contest:

1. First, that you announce my change of address and this giveway on your own blog, and provide a link to your announcement in the comments to this post.

2. Second, that in your comment you provide your most creative theory regarding the identity of the Qumran community (if there was one, according to your theoretical construct). Obvious things like the Essenes and the Golbian Hasmonean fortress are out of the question.

My theory:  The Qumran-ites were jokers with a vision -- who realized that with a bit of preparation, they could really throw Bible studies into a tizzy some two millennia hence.

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