March 11, 2009

Trevor Nunn’s King Lear (starring Ian McKellen)

The sold-out RSC 2007 King Lear (which also toured in New York and Los Angeles) received rave notices, particularly for the performance of Ian McKellan as Lear.  The work will be broadcast on PBS on March 25th (and on NHK and UK Channel 4 around the same date.)  If you want to watch it on your computer in a tiny little window, that will apparently also be an option.  The Folger Library also has a web page on this production.

The stage work had a brief nude scene which will reportedly cut from the televised version.

The production has already been released on DVD in the UK (currently only £13) and a US DVD release is likely in the works.

I don’t normally recommend people to watch television, but in this case, I may make an exception.

(HT:  Duane)

The Brooklyn Academy of Music presents the Royal Shakespeare Company performing "King Lear" with Ian McKellen as King Lear and Sylvester McCoy as Lear's Fool, directed by Trevor Nunn  at the Harvey Theater on Sept. 6, 2007.
Credit: Stephanie Berger 
Frances Barber (standing) and Monica Dolan (seated) are sisters Goneril and Regan in the Royal Shakespeare Company production of King Lear. lear3

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