January 26, 2009

Michael Drout proves Hippos Go Beserk is a forgery


Wheaton College (Mass) English Chair Michael Drout has the breaking newsHippos Go Beserk is a forgery.  Professor Drout explains “A close-minded critical establishment dominated by a line of Oxford and Cambridge Professors has refused to acknowledge that Hippos Go Berserk contains inconsistencies that the real Sandra Boynton would never have included in a work.” 

The key point in his analysis relies on a meticulous reading of the text.  After the Hippos have already gone beserk and are leaving the party, the text says:

Seven hippos heading west
Leave six hippos quite distressed.
Five hippos then set forth
With four hippos headed north.
Three hippos say “good day.”
The last two hippos go their way.
One hippo, alone once more, misses the other forty-four.

In his brilliant analysis, Drout points out that the six quite distressed hippos never leave, thus, there can never one hippo left alone from the other forty-four – rather, there are thirty-eight hippos who leave. 

You must read Drout’s analysis to see his inescapable logic that the Pseudo-Boynton is actually Byrthferth of Ramsey.  More details here.


Sewa Yoleme said...

The disillusionment I feel over this revelation is just devastating. Which other of Sandra Boynton's works are similarly fake? If "Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!" or "Moo Baa La La La" aren't authentic, I'm crawling out onto a ledge.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, and a guest shows up but after the party it's a beast!